GOOD NEWS: JUST NEWS  Patrick Mahomes confirm a deal of $97.9 Million Starter with……….

Fans adored the song that the Chiefs documentary chose for Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl overtime entrance.


Patrick Mahomes Is Investing in F1—Here's His Net Worth

Last month, Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to an exciting overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas, earning him his third Super Bowl in five years.

The elite quarterback is doing a fantastic job of pursuing Tom Brady to become the NFL’s all-time great. He just modified his deal to allow the organisation to make some changes in free agency.

Speaking of GOATs, the Chiefs’ choice of music for Mahomes’ overtime Super Bowl entrance on their all-access programme, The Franchise, had everyone thinking of Michael Jordan. The song “Sirius” by The Alan Parsons Project was utilised, which is well-known for having been utilised by the Chicago Bulls to introduce their players during their illustrious championship runs in the 1990s.

This moment from the Super Bowl episode of The Franchise, which was released Tuesday night, is so good:

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