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Gardner Minshew II Has Already Earned Respect in the Raiders’ Locker Room

Dec 31, 2023; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew (10) passes

The Las Vegas Raiders signed quarterback Gardner Minshew II earlier this season. He already has respect in the Raiders’ locker room.

When a quarterback joins a new team, one of the biggest concerns is earning the respect of his new teammates.

While he will undoubtedly have to continue earning their respect as their teammate, veteran quarterback Gardner Minshew II is ahead of the curve. He gained respect from many of his new Las Vegas Raiders teammates while competing against them late last season with the Indianapolis Colts.

Football is a game where respect is earned on the field, and often, some of the best competitors are not the biggest and best stars in the game; they are veterans like Minshew looking to prove they belong in the league. Last season, the Raiders hit the road to play Minshew and the Colts while they still had a slim chance of making the playoffs. It was a game the Raiders desperately needed and lost, partly because of Minshew’s productive performance.

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