Gone Too Soon’ Just now Cowboy confirm a star dead at age of 38 years……

Tony Hutson, a former Dallas Cowboy, died at age 49. “Dead Too Soon”

“After laughing so hard, I loved every minute that he made me cry,” a Cowboys teammate posted on social media.

Tony Hutson, an offensive lineman with the Dallas Cowboys, passed away. His age was 49.

Hutson’s passing was revealed in an obituary that was released on Friday. The reason of death was not stated.

The former NFL athlete was raised in Houston, Texas, but was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1974. He went on to play in the NFL for six seasons, starting his career with the Dallas Cowboys for four of those seasons.Hutson’s cousin Marlo Burks wrote in reaction to his obituary, describing Tony as “very humble [and] having the kindest heart and the most beautiful soul.” Tony cherished his family beyond all else.every fiber of his soul. There will be a wake and funeral later this week.

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